Coughing Up the Day

Slow start to the day today.  Rained this morning and I rather enjoyed just laying in bed, listening to the world slosh by my window.  I’m also on the tail end of a summer induced air conditioning cold.  About every 10 minutes or so I’m coughing up something juicy.  I find it kind of satisfying actually.  I feel like I’m accomplishing something every time I do it — not like with a dry cough.  Nothing’s down there to start with, nothing comes up, and nothing happens afterwards, just more coughing.

After keeping the channel open with a wayward friend, I headed into the office to get some work done.  Took care of some niggly CTF stuff and now I’m here typing.

Jazzy wrote another blog article and she’s really getting into the whole layout thing.  She takes the templates and messes with them.  Writing isn’t enough, she’s got to put her touch on them too.  As I’ve told her a bunch of times already, I couldn’t be more proud of her.

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