Two Sides

I make a point of not complaining… certainly not in my blog, and generally not in life either.  Bad energy.  Still… yesterday was a pretty bad day.

I mentioned back in June that I’d be headed for a day of financial reckoning.  Well, that day is fast approaching and it all stems from my condo.  When I did my cash flow projections back in the spring, and concluded that I’d be good, money wise, for a long time.  I hadn’t counted on making a major purchase.  With my nest egg scooped up, I needed to raise a lot of money in a hurry.

I’m not worried about the mid to long term picture.  momMe will be a half million dollar project with the potential to generate another million in profits.  I’m confident my play will be worth about $50,000 in development dollars in the near term.  Sales and green lights for my other projects could be worth a couple million dollars.  Highwaymen when its ready could be close to $20 million.

But these are all ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and not one of them is guaranteed.  All of them could happen, or none of them could happen, and each scenario brings its own set of problems.  Most significantly, I can’t go to the bank and borrow from my uncertain future.

In the short term, I got nothin’.  I’m living off the last of my savings and condo payments doth call for me.  Welcome to my life.  Sky high upside.  Crushing downside.

Stay tuned.

1 thought on “Two Sides

  1. Dude, that which you fear conquers you… What’s the meaning of life? What counts the most? You are a whole lot more than a condo and work projects.

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