Highwaymen Afoot

Walked into Atlantis this morning, and Abby, owner of the place, handed me a ‘free’ double Americano.  She mistakingly made it for someone and instead of dumping it out, she gave it to me.  Coincidentally, I was about to order a double Americano.

It’s a hot Friday afternoon and a long weekend is about to start.  The whole city has a really chilled out vibe about it.  Days like this can only be made possible when you cram in a whole bunch of other shitty hectic days.  Buddhists would call that the theory of emptiness.  Nothing has meaning without context.

I have some odds, ends, and visitations ahead of me today.  I am hoping I’ll be left with enough time to finish Act I of Ep 1 of Highwaymen.  I may even have the first draft of the first episode complete by the end of this long weekend.  Such an accomplishment would leave me feeling really great.  A proper pitch package for Highwaymen wouldn’t be far off after that.

[Jarrett stares out the window running scenes through his mind]

Wow.  I just imagine the possibilities.  I truly can’t imagine a better way to end the weekend.

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