Riders 20 – Calgary 40

I gave up 9 points in my football pool last night.  Edmonton shit the bed in its game, and then the Riders channelled Edmonton in the 2nd half of their game.

Saskatchewan started off okay.  The score was tied 7-7 at half time.  Then we forgot how to play defence.  Special teams didn’t give us any field position and as the clock wound down, Durant was forced to gamble a little more with the football.  He completed slightly more long bombs as he did interceptions.  We needed to score a pile of points in a hurry and going deep was our only option.

The TSN telecast criticized the Riders for NOT pulling Durant as it became apparent that we weren’t going to catch up.  Leaving him out there risked injury.  Leaving him out there also signalled to the team and the league that Roughriders never quit, Roughriders never stop coming at you, and Roughriders never take their foot off the gas… even when the tank has run dry.

I realize that I’m writing with green tinted glasses, but maybe the team needed this.  I was becoming alarmed at some of the things this team started saying about itself.  Two weeks ago players and coaches were talking about their potential to score 60 points per game.  They also talked about the impossibility of other teams figuring out their unconventional defence.

That’s the sort of shit that people like me say ABOUT the team, and NOT for the team to say about itself.  The most admirable part of this team has been its character.  Roughriders don’t showboat.  Roughriders don’t gloat.  Roughriders express humility when greatness looms.  Roughriders ride.

Put your nose down boys and do your jobs.  Quit reading the papers, and quit talking about yourselves.  Do your jobs, execute your assignments, tackle, and let your play do your talking.

The potential to have a 15 – 3 type season is there.  But for Montreal, every other team in the league is either rebuilding, or in decline.  Furthermore, our offence has the potential to put a lot of points on the board.  Our defence can be dominant.  Special teams is the weak link, and hopefully that can be corrected soon.

Lets not have any more games like this last one.  It’s too hard on my headspace otherwise.

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