Sittin’ On the Dock by the Bay

Sitting on the grass at the foot of Denmen waiting for Jazzy’s boat to float in.  It’s a warm Saturday afternoon, clear blue sky, and I’ve got a tall Americano at my side.  PJ is off in the distance talking, talking talking to one of the other mom’s waiting.

I’ve been tortured, feeling like I could be doing more writing and less procrastinating with my surfing and football watching.  Of course, passing up on football ain’t really an option.  Considerin’ my subject matter, you could even call it research.  I’m taking words from some peoples’ mouths and putting them in other characters’ mouths.  I’m drawing on my past in 1990’s Rider football, and I’m marrying it to my growth as a 30 something wandering wanderer.

Got other shit in there too.

Well… there’s a buzz about.  The parents are running for the docks.  Guess that means good news is coming up the way.  There’s a whole afternoon ahead of Jazzy walking and football watching and eating and loving and taking it all in.

Maybe we’ll go off somewhere and catch a Rider game on TV.

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