Neutral in Nature

I think life is best lived in neutral gear while coasting downhill.  There’s only one direction to go, and you only have a limited ability to control where you’re headed.

After racing through Vancouver traffic at a breathtaking 5 km/h.  I pulled up to the ferry terminal at Horseshoe Bay, only to find out that it would be a five hour wait.  I was “two sails” away from Nanaimo.  Nothin to do but sit around, eat something, read, and watch boats float.  There are far worse ways to spend a day.

My computer was out of gas, so all I could do was check for email quickly before being forced to shut down.  With that, I pulled out one of my newly purchased books and started read-watching.

Read-watching is what you do when you have a book out, but there’s so much going on around you, it’s difficult to concentrate.  People came and went, boats floated by, trains followed decades old tracks through the mountains nearby, and crows queued themselves up behind a table of patrons ready and willing to feed them.

The ferry ride itself was great.  Finding a power outlet was my primary concern, and once settled in, I had a view to muse me, and my phone to distract me.  This was definitely not a time for read-watching.  Instead I hunkered down and tickled my keyboard until finished.

I am now writing from an outdoor cafe located at my campsite in Nanaimo.  I have Wi-fi, electricity, and a S’more latte on the go.  An oceanside view is beyond me, and I have two days to do nothing but write.  But for one meeting I agreed to take in, I don’t think I’ll even need to leave my campsite.

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