Grey Matter

This morning as I dug down into my backpack to retrieve a shirt, a wave of satisfaction swept over me as the colour grey came up.  Grey as in grey shirt.  It was my third day of wearing grey shirts.  Couldn’t be happier about that.

I can only hope that a forth grey shirt will come out of my backpack tomorrow morning.  I don’t know why, there’s no logic behind colour really… I just really like wearing plain grey shirts.  They make me feel good.

This morning of all mornings was an extra special occasion to wear grey.  I found myself lecturing to a Media Studies 461 Class at UBC.  Didn’t expect that I’d be doing that 24 hours ago.  It turns out the class really enjoyed me, and I may even wind up teaching that class the next time it’s offered.  I even got paid for my efforts… in books.  The prof took me to the UBC Bookstore afterwards and told me to pick out anything I wanted.  Wound up getting a script writing book, and another book on directing.

I’m heading out to the island tomorrow to do some camping near Nanaimo.  I’m going to catch up with a film creature I know out there in addition to working on ‘Highwaymen’.

Diving straight into the first episode was problematic.  My characters just didn’t interest me and I wasn’t sure where their voices were.  I spent yesterday writing bios for them, trying to figure out who they were and what they wanted.  My musings took me from professional football to advanced human cloning, to organ transplantation, to physics, to psychology, to philosophy.  Quite the journey.

In the end I wound up with two pages and two really rich characters who excite me.  Now all they want to do is talk my ear off, but I won’t let ‘em.  I’m gonna let the fuckers stew for a bit while I round out the cast and work on story design.  I may even dive a little further into some research.  I figure the more pent up they get with something to say, the better their words will be when they finally come out.

I’m now sitting here on the campus of UBC trying to decide how the rest of my day should go.  More writing methinks… more writing and then a bit of prancing.  Just me and my grey shirt.  My next blog update will come from tomorrow’s ferry ride.

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