Montreal 16 – BC 12

PJ, Jazzy and I headed off to Empire Field last night for the once in a life-time opportunity to watch a live CFL football game, outdoors in Vancouver.  The stadium is a temporary structure built on the old site of Empire Stadium, the Lion’s home for the first 26 years of their existence.  BC Place, their regular home, is under renovations, and so the Lions will play the 2010 season outdoors at this site.

I must say that it was a real treat.  Empire Field is a cozy stadium.  25,000 fans took in the game and the weather, nostalgia, and atmosphere were great.  Site lines were also great.  Two streakers and three drunks made their way out the stadium over the course of the game.

The game itself was a stinker.  It seemed nobody wanted to win.  Montreal was playing their third straight game on the road and BC just sucks.  Actually, both teams in the last two weeks got slapped around by the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  In fact, the stink of Saskatchewan’s territorial pissing upon them was so great, that the in-stadium announcer actually made the mistake of saying, “First and 10, Saskatchewan, from the BC 45 yard line.”

In general, fans in BC are a stupid lot.  They actually have to be prompted by the announcer when to make noise, and then like domesticated livestock, they comply with an obedient drone.  This would never happen in Saskatchewan.    Water is wet, the sky is blue, and fans in Saskatchewan need no prompting of any kind.  We rain hate down upon the visitor’s bench and no opponent’s 2nd & long goes off without our wrath.

Further confirming the collective ‘special’ intelligence of the BC crowd, they actually make noise, bang drums, and stomp their feet when their offence has the ball.  Utterly shocking.  At Mosaic, fans take responsibility for quieting each other down when our offence has the ball, even after big plays.

Overall, the three of us had a really great time.  I highly recommend seeing a game at Empire Field while it’s still around.  By this time next year, the place will be packed up and moved on to Toronto (I’m predicting) and the Lion’s will be back at BC Place.  2010, like the BC fans themselves, will be a ‘special’ season for football in Vancouver.

1 thought on “Montreal 16 – BC 12

  1. According to Jazzy the score was 3-2
    3 drunkards kicked out of the stadium
    2 streakers who ran down the field naked

    First play after the first streaker and the refs call for “a measurement” the irony wasn’t missed and it was first down Lions. We had tickets in the family section so J had to chug down his two beers before we could sit in our seats…

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