Thoughts Thunk Whilst Lapping the Lake

I walked around the lake yesterday thinking about a lot of things.  I thought about football… picked Toronto to upset Winnipeg today.  I thought about my dick and places I’d like to stick it.  I thought about my heart, and places I’d like to leave it.  I thought about how some parts of my life are so conflicted with other parts of my life.  I questioned my work ethic.

I thought about some business stuff that’s been bugging me.  I really hate dealing with people in a business setting when their expectations don’t match mine, or more specifically, when their expectations change from what we both agreed they should be when they started.  I’d rather not have those people on my team and weighed the pros and cons of making a change, should the time come.  Those are very ugly thoughts.  Ugly but necessary… and I hate it.

I also came up with some creative ideas for the screen play version of my play.  After talking to TeleFilm, they suggested that if I’m going to put myself forward as the (first time) writer, I should attach myself to an established production company.  There really is only one company in Regina who fits the bill, and I’ve made some phone calls looking to set up a meeting.  The good thing about my industry in Regina is that everyone knows everyone.  The CEO of the company in question returned my call within the hour.  He directed me to get in touch with their development person, whom I also met at different functions.

We’ll see what the day brings.

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