I have a psychological aversion to bureaucratic bullshit.  It’s almost a paralysis that I need to overcome when it comes time to submit cost reports (signed & dated), credit lists (logos present), NIL Broadcast Service Agreement Reports, E & O Insurance Certificates, and more.  It only took me about three hours to dig up and find everything requested, but the dread I faced leading up to that task was really quite silly.

Filmmaking is 70% paperwork it seems.  Money doesn’t flow without paperwork attached.  It’s an unfortunate side effect to doing what I love to do.  The really disturbing thing is that I’m really good at the paperwork stuff.  I can do tax credit calculations.  I can do production budgets and financial plans.  I can do cost reports and production accounting.  I can draft legal agreements.

I can also write, shoot, edit, sound mix, direct, and produce.  Some things I do better than others, but it is an advantage I have over other production companies. I can develop projects with all the in-house expertise I need, and it’s all contained inside my head.

Like writing, I can be anywhere in the world and develop projects.  All I need is my laptop, high speed internet, and time… which is something I’ll have a lot of this summer.  If nothing else green lights, I should have enough time to write two or three new development proposals.

First up – the TeleFilm Application for my play.

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