momMe Future

Immovable deadlines have a way of focusing energy like no other.  momMe started off in a nebulous cloud of conception and somehow grew up to become a fully thought out CMF proposal.  The package included project descriptions, user experience plots, business plans, revenue projections, distribution plans, financial plans, and production budgets.  Somehow, I had a hand in all of it, but I don’t know what I did specifically.  I felt a little like Mic Fleetwood — surrounding myself with great ideas and the people to go with ‘em, and then staying out of their way.

PJ wrote the beginnings of our business model and Michelle (the producer I hired) expanded upon it.  Ken took all our input, and designed the game.  I did what I had to, when there was a hole to fill, contributing an idea here, tweaking the budget there, etc.  Ultimately, I was responsible for submitting the application, and I did so yesterday after pulling together everyone’s contributions into a nice neat little package.

In a strange way, momMe didn’t really exist in my mind until I saw every aspect of it bundled together in that package.  I have to say, it’s a great project, and CMF funding aside, it’s an idea worth pursuing, even if it means raising the money privately.  The game has the potential to be an incredible force for positive energy in the world, and at the same time, be a cash cow.

The game also represents a future direction for my career.  Advertisers pay broadcasters for airtime.  Broadcasters spend the money on TV content in an effort to attract eyeballs to the advertising.  As a provider of that TV content, I’m lowest on the food chain, and I’m at the mercy of these broadcasters for my livelihood.  Worse yet, advertisers are beginning to see television as a very poor medium to reach audiences.  PVRs, dwindling numbers, and the internet have fractured traditional viewing habits and demographics.

With this game, I remain a storyteller, but I go directly to the advertisers.  They engage me and their audience in a far more substantial, meaningful and lucrative way.  I intend to use momMe as a learning opportunity.  This medium of game play/storytelling remains something elusive to me…

[and then an epiphany strikes]

…which means I need to find one of these games and start playing.

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