Version 8

Finally finished my play and found myself sitting around a table in Saskatoon with most of my original cast.  Not everyone could make it, so I wound up reading one of the roles.  What a schizophrenic experience!  Last night I was an actor, playing a character, who is based on me.  I was thinking actor thoughts, playwright thoughts, and personal thoughts.

In some ways I felt like a 12 year old kid getting ice time with his NHL heros.  During the workshop at the end of May, I was the writer, a bit out in left field, and rarely dealt with the cast directly.  That was Don’s job.  Mine was to shut up, sit back, listen, and learn.  This time I got a chance to be one of them.  It was truly a rewarding experience.

Even so, my judgement of how well the play stands up was a bit cloudy as a result.  I was too busy hitting operative words, playing objectives, and ‘acting’ to be a proper judge of the dramatic structure.  I still saw where the dialogue got bogged down in places, or where little messes needed to be cleaned up, but in general, I was far too wrapped up in my role be a dramaturge.

I’ve already sent it off to the SPC to request another workshop.  My next step will be to get the TeleFilm application complete and sent off for potential funding.  Following that, I plan to get the pen out and start breaking the script down into beats — get a good look at its bones to see what kind of shape they’re in.

Overall, I’m really happy with it.  The cast was thrilled with some of the changes, questioned a few other things, and expressed their desire to be a part of the next draft’s reading.

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