Father’s Day

Yesterday was kind of a big deal.  After Jazzy landed we headed downtown and parked where my condo will be built, about 15 floors down from where my balcony would be.  We walked through the city hall courtyard and Jazzy soaked her feet in the fountain.  After that it was Victoria Park and then Jazzy noticed the Roughrider logos on the twin towers.  She wasn’t as impressed as I was, but then again, she can’t name all the teams in the CFL either.

Atlantis was our next stop.  Hot chocolate for her, London Fog for me.  We hung out for a half hour or so… just like we used to… just like no time had passed between visits.

After that it was off to Strasbourg to do Father’s Day with Dad.  We see each other about as often as I see Jazz.  Again, it’s like no time passes between visits.  Must be a family trait.

Backyard bbq, five games of Backgammon, laughter, and long talks ensued.  It was a pretty good day.

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