1970s Rabbit Ears

Something was off.  Couldn’t put my finger on it at first.  The dialogue seemed alright, but something was off.  At first I thought Thelma’s actions were inconsistent with her character.  Then I realized that she had the wrong dialogue.  Not just the wrong dialogue, but the opposite dialogue.  Once I swapped her lines with Ash’s, the scene took on the proper shape.

Act III was now off to a good start, but then I realized that some of the changes I made in Scene 17 were causing problems in Scene 18.  I then went to work on Scene 18 and realized that my changes were affecting Scene 14.  I wasn’t about to change Scene 14 so I went back to 17 and figured out how to make 18 work better with all three.

As a playwright I felt like I was doing the equivalent of adjusting rabbit ears on a 1970’s television set… you know, hold your arm out this way, arch your back, stand on one leg, all in the pursuit of obtaining a clear picture.

After three hours, the two scenes I wrote in the bar on Friday night were sufficiently tweaked.  This allowed me to move onto Scene 19, and that’s when I had to leave.  I’ve written 87 pages so far, and I’ll probably end up in the neighbourhood of 105 by the time I’m done.

In other news… Jazzy flies home today!  Just in time for father’s day… I get to see my beautiful little girl.  I’m actually sitting in the airport right now and her plane lands in 15 minutes.  I plan to head off to Strasbourg later and spend time with Dad.  I don’t think he or Kathy know about Jazzy’s arrival.

Oh yeah.  The riders are playing today too.

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