Motherfucking Patience

I make deals with myself and then I break them.  I’m really starting to annoy myself.  Don’t even have a good excuse.

I’m still writing my play.  It took me longer to finish the 2nd Act than I expected.  The pace just wasn’t there like how it was before.  My characters are getting frustrated with me.

Still looking to hire a technical producer for momMe.  That’s actually the most aggravating thing on my mind at the moment.  These things can’t be rushed, but at the same time, the clock is ticking and a deadline is afoot.  I’ve made some phone calls, published an ad on, and sent some emails.  I don’t want to take the first application through the door, but at the same time, I’m getting kind of desperate.  Any ideas?

Patience is the key I guess.  Motherfucking patience.

Usually I’m cool with not knowing my immediate future.  It can be a real pleasure to simply buckle in and ride the waves.  Things have a way of happening for me when I simply allow my life to unfold as it will.  I always land on my feet, but usually never where I expect.

Just checked my ad, and it’s now viewable to new media developers all over the world.  I have a couple more phone calls to make and then I’ll have exhausted my possibilities.  Nothing to do but strap in and ride after that.

It’ll be a good time to get some writing done.

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