At the End of the Tunnel

I’m going to finish my play tonight.  I’m gonna to finish it, then I’m gonna polish it, and then I’m sending it out the door.

There are a few people in my life clamouring to read the new draft.  I’m also sending it off to theatre creatures who are already familiar with it.  I’ve organized a table reading with most of my original cast in Saskatoon next week and from all that, I await feedback for the next draft.

In the meantime, I’ve already begun to visualize it as a movie.  I am chomping at the bit to get my TeleFilm application out the door.  Imagine that?  Paying myself to write my own movie.  I’m seeing it as a 3D film because playing with positive and negative parellax (the area in front and behind the screen in 3D space) will be a great way to transition from the world of Robert & Shawn in the present, to the world of the other characters in the past.  Some great possibilities present themselves as the point of convergence between the two worlds are crossed.

Speaking of worlds… mine is full of ellipsis.  I like my life best when it’s cut, dried sorted and nice.  Start one project, finish it, then onto the next one.  Such a pace permits me the time and headspace to feel the flow in the universe and go with it.  Day two of my newly inherited sense of urgency has shown me that I’m not at all enjoying my newly inherited sense of urgency.   I need to buy myself time to get all my projects done, one project at a time.  This business of trying to do everything at once is not working.  By not working, I mean, not at all very satisfying.

To this end, I might have a line on a newly minted line of credit that will work to ease my cash flow headaches.  The terrifying prospect of cash flowing the next 90 days while paying for a condo, my life style, and pushing projects out the door will potentially become a bumpy worry instead.  They say you can lose money for years, but you only get to run out of cash, once.

The light at the end of the tunnel is smelling good.

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