Sense of Urgency

It’s Day 1 of my newly inherited sense of urgency.  It’s still taking some getting used to.  The following is a summary of my projects to date;

  1. 1.‘Crimes of the Art’ – is being pitched by Canamedia to a US broadcaster.  A 3D version of the series will soon be pitched to a UK broadcaster.  There are some definitive nibbles in Canada, but the industry is still on the tail end of a shit storm.  We need a foreign broadcaster on board to trigger a Canadian license.  This deal could come tomorrow, six months from now, anytime in between, or not at all.  The moment we close a deal, I will instantly be set up for the next two years.
  2. 2.‘InJustice’ – is being pitched as an acquisition to the same US broadcaster.  They expressed interest in February and it’s just a matter of having Canamedia follow up (which they are).  This sale could immediately solve my short term Condo crisis, returning my safety net to me in the process.
  3. 3.‘That Moment In Between’ (previously known as ‘Crude Play’) – I am about to start writing the dialogue for the 3rd Act.  Really, all I need is another day and then the play will be complete (at least this draft).  I have decided to submit the play to TeleFilm Canada and apply for funding to write a screenplay version.  I envision this story as a 3D movie.  The funding to write the screen play would also solve my immediate short term Condo crisis.  Best of all, my application could be in next week, with cash flowing by the end of summer.
  4. 4.momMe – is our renamed Alternate Reality Mother’s Day Game.  Corus (one of the largest media conglomerates in Canada) expressed an interest in being our channel partner.  I also spoke to my contact at the CMF with a list of questions.  Upon completing that discussion, I made the decision to add a technical producer/project manager to the team.  Don’t currently have anyone in mind, but I’m hoping Corus might have some ideas.  We’re submitting an application to the CMF for funding on July 5.  The funding would also set me up for a year or so.  The revenue from the game could turn into the next ‘Farmville’ or ‘Webkins’.
  5. 5.Future Development – Once the above projects are out the door and in the market, it’s time to start raising development funding for new ideas.  I have several good ones in mind.  It’s possible that developing a new series could provide enough funding to set me up for a few months (as was the case with ‘Crimes of the Art’).  The real upside is that the series could be picked up upon completion of its development phase, which would even be more betterer.

I met with my accountant yesterday.  The condo idea is risky to my short term cash flow health, but long term will be great for me.  By laying down my deposit last Sunday, I locked in my price.  He works with the firm that’s marketing Capital Pointe Plaza, and he confirmed that most of the units have been sold.  The value of my condo has already appreciated in value and by the time it’s actually built, will be worth a lot more (significantly more even).

I’m meeting with my banker tomorrow afternoon to discuss mortgage options.  My FICO score is in good shape (for the first time in my life) and she’s optimistic that we’ll come up with a plan that will result in me paying less in mortgage than I currently am in rent.

So to cap things off… it’s all looking really good.  My long term prospects are promising.  My business sense is sound.

Short term is going to be a motherfucker.

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