1504-1965 Albert St.

Well that was completely unexpected.

I put a deposit down on a condo today.  I have 90 days to raise a large chunk of cash, AND get approved for a big fat mortgage.  Following that, I have to raise a bunch more money by next April.  After that I can coast for a spell while they build the thing.

I am excited, shell shocked and terrified all at the same time.    This building, Capital Pointe Plaza, will be THE landmark building in Regina.  It will also be the tallest building in Saskatchewan.  My unit will be on the 15th floor, facing north, looking towards city hall, Victoria Park, and the rest of downtown.  Amenities will include an indoor swimming pool, a 10th floor outdoor green space/common area complete with a water tunnel and public bbqs, access to meeting rooms, board rooms, multipurpose rooms, and a state-of-the-art fitness centre.

It’s everything I ever wanted for myself in terms of a residence.  But it comes at great cost.  I need to raise $32,000 within 90 days and I’m only half way there.  If I make one sale, or green light one project I’m there.  More than there.

My immediate future plans have been thrown for a loop.  I just became comfortable with the idea that I could coast for a few months before a project really needed to green light or sell – a rare luxury given that I work in a volatile industry.  Suddenly, that’s not the case anymore.  Things have just taken on a greater sense of urgency because my dream residence just went and sucked up my safety net.

I have to get a proposal done by Wednesday.  Guess that will become my next big priority.  Could lead to one of those much needed green lights I was talking about.

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