Liquor, Guns, & Movies

Let’s get liquored up, grab some guns, and shoot clay pigeons!  What could possibly go wrong?

Welcome to the Yorkton Short Film Festival.  I arrived around 3pm, met with Charlotte from Bravo at 4pm, and after about 20 minutes, our meeting turned into ‘hanging out’.  Coffee turned into beers as two others joined us at our table.  Soon the head of SaskFilm, and the head of the Canadian Media Fund were also sitting with us.  All except for Charlotte were good ‘ol Saskatchewan folk.

There was no ‘schmoozing’ going on.  No need.  We’ve all known each other for years.  Yorkton was purely about having a good time.

A few hours later, I found myself reaching into Emme Rogers’ cleavage to fetch her sunglasses.  I had just met her and learned that she’s some sort of Twitter celebrity.  Her fingers were covered with lobster and she felt the need to tweet her latest adventure.  The photo opp required her sunglasses and she didn’t want to mess up her shirt.

After supper we all set off for the shooting range, one of the festival’s activities.  There was also toilet plunger horse shoes for those not into guns.  The whole evening was a great time.  I made new friends, reconnected with old ones, and made some great memories.  Yorkton, you did good!

I’m now sitting in the restaurant of the Ramada Hotel.  I just finished breakfast and I’m about to hit the highway.

Banff, here I come!

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