Nothing But Nothing

I’m sitting here staring out the window of Atlantis looking at the world go by.  It’s a drizzly cloudy day and I got to bust out my rain gear once more.  Don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that.

I’m staring out the window and I’m completely stumped.  I don’t know what to write about.  I’m running the events of the past day through my mind, looking for a profound thought to share, and I got nothing.  Nothing but nothing.

My camping stuff is all together.  Bought a stove and some other odds & ends.  Decided to give my old hiking boots another spin around the sun.  Just need to replace the laces is all.  Remember to remind me to recollect to not to forget about that.  I’d hate to find myself in Banff without a fresh set of laces.

Aside from Banff on the brain, it seems I’ll be getting some family time in this summer as well.  Jazzy flies in on June 20th and I’ll be driving her back to Vancouver in time for a summer camp on July 17th.  A week later PJ, Jazz and I will travel back to Saskatchewan together.  PJ hasn’t been home since she left about three years ago.  I’m excited about that.

I’m off to Yorkton in the morning to spend some time at the Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival.  I have a follow-up meeting with a broadcaster there (a leftover from Hot Docs) and then it’s party time.  Saturday morning I’ll be pointing my car west and 10 hours later I’ll be pitching a tent in Banff.

Still some odds and ends to finish up at the office.  Gotta pay the rent.  Gotta finish a video.  Gotta write a proposal.

Mostly, I feel like doing nothing.

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