Accidental Backpacking

I’m leaving and I don’t know when I’m coming back.  Banff.  Saturday.  It’s been on my mind quite a bit.

Yesterday I accidentally bought a new backpack.  I was looking for a duffle bag to stuff my camping stuff in, and decided instead that if I spent a few extra bucks, I could replace my existing backpack with a really good one.  Then I can use my old backpack to store my camping stuff.  It’s a Deuter Air Lite 60-10 EL pack.  $220.

I don’t like to spend that much money on anything, but I discover that I prefer travelling with a backpack rather than a suitcase.  I’m more mobile and I can cover greater distances with a backpack.  I’m thinking about some of my recent travels as I type.  In Toronto (last month) I walked 2 kms from my hotel to the airport because I didn’t want to wait 20 minutes for a shuttle.  There have been many other airports where I’ve had to wander through endless corridors for hours before checking my baggage.  Backpacks are also more distinct when they come down the baggage conveyer at pickup.

My tent cost $300 and my queen sized air bed cost another $120.  Other odds and ends added up to another $100.  I am debating the purchase of a camp stove, and maybe some proper hiking boots.  Other than that, I’m fully stocked.  Altogether the bill comes to about $740.  Seems expensive, but not when you consider that amount works out to about 5 nights in a hotel room AND I’ll have this stuff for years to come.

Fuck it.  I’m buying hiking boots and a camp stove.

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