Meandering Around the Anchor Points

I walked in the rain this morning to Atlantis.  Wasn’t even in a hurry.  Rain gear.  Full rain gear.  Nice.

Rich (of Romanian Syndicate fame) asked me to help him out with some vignettes for Red Cross.  Met him at Atlantis this morning.  He brought an umbrella.  My still glistening rain jacket scoffed.  I tried not to appear too smug.

Today will be a day of business.  I intend to look in on some paperwork stuff with a gov’t office.  I need to get the books up to date.  I have a financial plan to craft.

I also have a bit of editing to do.  Canamedia asked me to make some tweaks to the Crimes of the Art demo.  I’ll finish that today so they can start shopping the series around.

Rich asked me what my plans are for the next few weeks.  Aside from Banff, I don’t really have a solid idea.  Jazzy flies in on June 20th.  Banff trip starts Saturday.  There’s a Rider game on June 13th.  My life will meander around those anchor points.  Where I’ll be, or when, is completely up in the air.  I couldn’t be happier about that.  If you need to get ahold of me, just send me an email.

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