Loooooong Weekend

I’m sitting in a cafe in Moose Jaw.  Across the table from me is Tamara.  She’s reading my play.  I never planned it this way, but that’s what happened.  That’s what’s cool about it.

The whole week has kind of gone like that.  My play is in a place where I never expected it.  My career has taken a turn where I never expected it.  My two week plan is barely recognizable from where it sat not long ago.

[36 hours pass]

Next thing I know, Tamara put the play down after reading Scene 4 and declared her desire to leave the cafe.  Just as well… the server was eyeballing our table, coveting it for the patiently waiting party of four who walked in a few minutes previous.

Tamara continued reading the play on the drive back to Regina.  She read, I thunk, and the world rolled on by.  A perfect arrangement.  A perfect mini-road trip.  Soon we were back at my apartment, watching episodes of Firefly and being lazy.  Later I bbq’d some steaks and we washed ‘em down with my last bottle of red wine.

Then her phone went off.  Shortly thereafter, we once again found ourselves sitting in a car, watching the prairies move passed.  Her friend Rob drove us out to Regina Beach to meet her other friends, Denise and Brandi.  They rented a cabin and were looking to stir up some fun.  Within the hour, we all took turns holding down seats around the pool table in the Regina Beach bar.  Dancing, tequila, beer, drunken conversations, and heartfelt moments all put in appearances.

This morning featured a lazy left-over-steak omelette with a shit-I-mixed-up-in-the-blender special to wash it down.  I decided that this would be the day I got a handle on all my camping stuff.  If I’m going to spend a few days camping in Banff, I would need to top up my supplies.  I have the main ingredients, but PJ has the rest of our stuff, so a trip to Canadian Tire was necessary.  I still have a few odds and ends to pick up, but other than that, I’m good to go.

I also crashed supper at mom’s this evening.  I was looking for my canoe stuff (which wasn’t there) and wound up staying for supper and laundry instead.  Her, Dave and I all sat around the kitchen table watching the hockey game.  Looked like Philly was going to have its way with Montreal.

I’m now sitting in Atlantis sipping Jasmine tea, wrapping up this article, and planning to resume my Robert McKee book.  What a great weekend!  Like this article, it meandered aimlessly, but wound up touching a lot of things.

Happy Victoria Day everyone!

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