The Next Time

I just want to take a moment to take a moment to mark this occasion.  The development phase of ‘Crimes of the Art’ is officially complete.  Put the last package in the mail yesterday and now it’s onto the ‘find the money’ phase.  I have high hopes for the series because there’s been a lot of interest and positive feedback.

This series is an opportunity to put all my mistakes behind me.  I’ve learned from them, and I’ll be taking a different approach to production, should we get a green light.  Here’s a list of what I think I’ve learned;

  1. 1.Keep things simple on this next go round.  Define roles clearly.  Define expectations clearly.  Define timelines realistically.  Set the costs in stone.
  2. 2.No more infrastructure building.  I am no longer interested in expanding Dacian.  Dacian is me and I can only do so much.
  3. 3.No more using this project to benefit the next project.  There’s no guarantee about the next project, especially if the current project suffers as a result of this ‘forward planning.’
  4. 4.No more worrying about peoples’ livelihoods.  They’re in the budget for a set duration, and there’s no guarantees after that.  They will always be considered family and they’re always welcome to play with my toys, but I won’t be on the hook for their rent.
  5. 5.No more fucking around in the edit suite.  Git ‘er done.  Every month of interest payments off our interim financing loans is a BIG chunk of money slipping through our fingertips.
  6. 6.Be a better communicator.  Give better more detailed direction in the edit suite and on the set.
  7. 7.One thing at a time.  Lock the scripts before shooting them so I don’t have to rewrite them in the edit suite when I should be worrying about the cut.
  8. 8.Spend according to the cash flow projections.  Any wavering from that projection requires a serious conversation.
  9. 9. Create a more balanced mix of experienced professionals and fresh newbies.  My projects in the past have been loaded with newbies and light on experienced professionals.  This resulted in me having to wear more hats.
  10. 10. Square pegs in square holes, round pegs in round holes.

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