After Midnight

It’s after midnight and there’s an eleven hour layover I have to endure before my flight to Havana kicks in.  I knew that when I bought my ticket and I thought I’d be smart by buying a $55 pass into Air Canada’s ‘Maple Leaf’ lounge instead of springing for a hotel room.  I figured I could hang out in some plush comfy chair whilst sipping beer and eating sandwiches (all included with the price of admission).  I’d sleep decently well and I’d get to pretend that I’m elite.

So now I’m sitting at a bar in my Toronto hotel.  The Maple Leaf Lounge closed at 11pm.  Now I have to wake up stupidly early and take the shuttle to the airport… not so much to get through security and all that, but to utilize the lounge while there’s still time.  I paid for it dammit and I’m gonna use it!

It’s been a pretty interesting couple of days.  Coffee with Chantel at Atlantis on Saturday got my imagination churning about drama and such.  I’m not spilling any secrets, but I will say that Chantel and her closest friends could fuel the imaginations of a thousand sitcom writers.  Afterwards I dropped in on another friend whom I hadn’t seen in months, and then I headed home to conclude the long standing ‘Firefly’ marathon with Shy.

And so now I sit here about twenty minutes after I started.  Got a plane to catch, some sleep to fetch, and a tab to pay.  I plan to write everyday, but I’m not sure what my internet situation will be in Cuba.  Sketchy at best methinks.  I’ll publish as many updates as I can on my blog, along with pictures.  But if you haven’t heard from me in fourteen days or so, come looking!

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