The Next Thing

I’m drifting these days and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.  I have this nagging feeling like I could be doing more, but somehow or another, I managed to get all the important things done already.  The books are in good shape.  I’ve sent out emails to broadcasters all over the world lining up meetings for Hot Docs.  Some have already gotten back to me, and as for the rest, I won’t be doing any follow-up for another week yet.  The paperwork for ‘Crimes of the Art’ is done as much as could be right now.  I have Amber started on the demo for Moccasin Enterprises.  As for the rest of it, there’s always niggly other little things to do, but one never gets those things done anyway.  As soon as you get to one, another niggly little thing takes its place.

So here I am, all set to leave for Havana in two days, and Toronto two weeks after that.  I have a few projects to take with me and then… I don’t know.  We’ll see where I’m at around May 9th.

On one hand, I’m in a really great place.  My daily routine includes taking lots of time to spend in all kinds of free flowing ways throughout the day.  I went for a 7km walk with Chrystene and her dogs yesterday.  It was great.  We talked about projects, past and future, and we got some exercise.  My mind is pecking away at what the next project may be.  Yet, I feel guilty because I’m only working 3 or 4 hours a day (on average).  I don’t think I should feel guilty… I mean, I’ve got all my shit done.  But I do.

It’s not like the slow pace doesn’t come with strings attached either.  Once the final checks for Crimes of the Art come in, that will be my income for the foreseeable future.  I have roughly five months to come up with the next thing, if the seeds I planted with last year’s projects fail to sprout.

Kind of ominous went it’s put like that, but I’m truly not worried.  Something’s gonna happen.  I feel it.  I believe it.  I’m going to Havana to write, and I’m feeling something building inside.

It might be the next thing.

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