1st Rain

I think the grown-up version of jumping in mud puddles is walking in the rain for no particular reason whilst fitted with proper rain gear.  That was my walk to Atlantis this morning.

It’s a grey cloudy rainy day and earlier there was even thunder booming off in the distance.  It’s the first rain of the spring and I couldn’t be happier.  The snow is gone but everything is brown, dirty and dead.  The first rain will freshen things up nicely.

I was at the office until 2am last night cutting a shorter version of the Crimes of the Art demo.  It’s down to 2 minutes and should be short enough to accommodate the attention spans of bleary eyed MIP TV broadcasters in France.  I’m not completely happy with it, but my distributor had meetings booked with Sky TV (UK) and Ovation (US) today, or more specifically, last night while I slept.

Today I plan to line up meetings for Hot Docs, finish a cost report, and submit a new bio & log line for my play.  I’m also meeting with my accountant today.  Exciting stuff.  Totally blog worthy.

I desperately need to read a book or something.

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