Beckoning Calling of Guilt

Do you know why Saskatchewan has so much wind?  Alberta blows and Manitoba sucks.

It’s a tornado outside today.  Walking to Atlantis would have gone faster if I put up a sail.  Of course, once the wind caught ahold of me, I might have wound up in Manitoba.  Not entirely a bad thing, but I got shit to do right here in Regina.

I’ve got a lot of shit to do actually.  My productivity this week has been disappointing.  I don’t know where the hours go, but I just seem to always have the same things sitting on my to-do list day after day.  I look at them now, and they just glare back at me.  It’s like I’m keeping them from something or perhaps even, I’ve lost their respect.

I don’t need their negative energy in my life.  Today, I’m going to get to the worst offenders on my list, and purge them from my life.  Good bye CTF paperwork!  Good riddance.  You too Straightening up the Office!  Take a long hard suck on my arse!  SaskFilm doesn’t say much, but I know what it’s thinking.  The silent treatment is the worst kind of bad energy.

It’s not like I’ve just been sitting around watching TV and playing computer games… well I have done some of that, but the point is, I’ve been doing other things too.  Last night I went to a poetry night/Sisu screening at the Film Pool.  I found the two an odd pairing.  No offence to poets, but when you’re the opening act to a brilliant film, you better come with a sound track and visual effects.  I’m just saying…

Gotta run.  My to-do list doth beckons me.

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