30 Year Old Tape Recorder

There must have been something in the Tim Horton’s coffee this morning at the airport.  After leaving Jazzy on the plane, I went home and immediately set to cleaning up my apartment.  I scrubbed the bathroom, then went to work on the kitchen.  Didn’t even take me an hour.  Didn’t even give it a second thought.  Is the moon full or something?

Putting Jazzy on the plane this morning was a bit of an adventure.  I lost track of time, and left myself no time to get her in line to check in.  I had to butt to the front and get them to open up reservations and give her seat back to me.  After enduring a bit of a well deserved scolding, they sent me to the front of the line in security and Jazzy was on the plane 10 minutes later.  We were so rushed we almost forgot to hug and kiss each other goodbye.  Just as well.  Putting her on the plane is always the saddest moment of any visit to Regina.  I usually just sit there and think about how long it will be before I get to see her again.  It’s the only time I allow myself a brief moment of grief where the distance between her and I are concerned.

I bought Jazzy a Macbook for her birthday.  I took her to London Drugs and let her pick it out.  Got the biggest hug in the world afterwards.  I considered the possibility that giving a 10 year old an $1,100 birthday present might be excessive, but I don’t think so.  She’ll spend hours with it everyday for the next three or four years.  She can use it for school, and she can scratch her creative itches.  I can email her, and iChat her anytime I wish, and I know she’ll get the message right away.

I remember when I was seven, and Liz, my God Mother, bought me a tape recorder for Christmas.  I used that thing every day.  I made up stories talking in the microphone.  I made mix tapes and I recorded conversations.  My seven year old mind went swimming for ideas and inspirations.  If I can point to the single greatest reason why I choose the film industry as my career path, I can point to that tape recorder 30 years ago.

I talked to Sandra last night on Facebook.  Got the low down on the logistics required to live in Havana for two weeks.  I’m going to be living among the locals for that period of time, not insulated inside a tourist resort.  There won’t be ATMs around, nor will high speed internet be easy to come by.  Food may also be a challenge… there’s lots of it, but most of it isn’t very good.  Might be wise to pack some granola bars.  On the plus side, booze is cheap, and also… I’ll be living in Havana for two weeks.

Maybe that’s what’s going on with me this morning.  I have a solid plan mapped out for the next two months.  I know where I’m going, what I’ll be doing, why I’m doing it, and what I hope to get out of it.

It couldn’t have gone smoother if I planned it this way.

2 thoughts on “30 Year Old Tape Recorder

  1. smooth moves? purpose-driven plans? mr. mom washing the floor? your last blogs posts with passionate titles of Feeling It, Love & Abundance, Laughing… and The Dress… Something’s Stirring Jarretta!

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