Dracula Demo

The Dracula demo is complete and you can view it atwww.crimesofthearttv.com

Making this demo represents the pinnacle of my career.  Everything’s gone so well and I’ve never had it this good.  I’ve never had so many resources at my disposal.  I’ve never been able to assemble so many talented people at one time on my own project before.  I’ve never before been ‘aware’ enough to simply let the pieces fall into place.

It’s taken some long hours to get to this place, yet I feel like none of it has been ‘work’.  Every moment, every set-back, every challenge, every conversation, has been an opportunity to take what I already know, and make it better.

The final locked, colour corrected, sound mixed version of the demo was copied to my drive at 5:30pm yesterday, six days after we first started working on the visual effects (not to mention Thursday night’s shoot).  What an incredible pace!  That’s eleven minutes of video being worked over, under intense scrutiny, with every frame being touched in some way by a visual effect.  Needless to say, the week has been a blur.  I didn’t see much of the outside world and even as I write this on a Friday afternoon, my eyes are heavy.

There remains some paperwork to finish up, but the bulk of work is done.  I am approaching yet another clear beginning and ending in my life and I’m looking forward to the milestone.

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