I had a great idea in the shower this morning.

We’re working on using a 5 lei bill (romanian currency) as the model for our opening title sequence.  The plan was to take the last frame of Rich’s face from the opening narration and transition him to become the head on the 5 lei bill.  From there we pan left to reveal the building and musical notes already present on the bill (very artsy) and replace the words ‘Banca Nationala A Romaniei’ with ‘Crimes of the Art’.  The bill then gets swiped by a gloved hand.

Nearly all art crime is motivated by money, and the 5 lei bill contains a flourish of fine art elements (music, architecture, visual art).  We think its a great metaphor for the series to establish such a bill, then have it stolen.  Nifty idea huh?

Well it just got niftier.  Since our host is known as Buck 65 in music circles, lets have the denomination of the currency read ‘Buck 65’.  There’s already a ‘5’ on the bill that we can use.  There’s also a ton of music references on that bill, which further ties Rich to the whole motif.  Fuckin’ A!  A lot of my best ideas come in the shower.

The meeting with Jack went very well yesterday.  Java has claimed some of the most complicated effects sequences to work on.  There remain only seven sequences now without an editor to spawn them.  I would say we’re now well ahead of schedule.  Kate, Chrystene, Amber and I looked at the footage from yesterday.  There’s some great stuff in there.  This demo has become a cornucopia of abundant goodness.  So many brilliant artists and great elements to work with.

I’ve never had it this good and I’m treasuring every moment of it.

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