Torontonian Fears

I fell into a conversation with a Torontonian while waiting in line to get inside O’Hanlon’s.  She never heard of the Roughriders and she asked about how safe Regina was.  I should have called her out right there, but instead I explained that Wednesdays are ‘Steal your wallet Day’, Thursdays are ‘Stab Day’, Fridays are ‘Drive By Shooting Day’ and Saturdays are for murdering non-residents.

Once inside I saw Courtney who was peddling Guiness products.  She gave me a free hat and a fake tattoo.  Soon after, a pipe band marched through the place and took the stage.  I recognized Meg as one of the drummers.  Everyone was crammed together sharing the moment together, raising their glasses.  St. Patty’s day in O’Hanlon’s!

Afterwards I headed over to the exchange to watch Combat Improv with some of my theatre friends (and the cast of Medea).  It was a really good night.

Earlier, I spent the day in the edit suite coming up with a roadmap for the Dracula Demo with Java Post.  I gave them 15 scenes to get started on, leaving 18 unclaimed as of yet.  We also agreed to work in a new format, which resulted in me having to up-convert all the raw footage to Apple ProRes 422HQ from DVCProHD 1080 60i.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of that before now!

Today will be a day to prep and shoot the final scenes needed for the Dracula demo.  We’ll be turning the office into a studio space and hanging the green screen.  I also need to come up with a formal shot list (everything is in my head at the moment).  With a little luck, I may also have time to pick away at a couple of scenes in the edit suite.

Another day of progress.  Hopefully no one gets stabbed.

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