Skin and Bones

It’s NOT frustrating, it just is.

I have a team of editors chomping at the bit, ready to get started on the demo.  I have a deadline that expires next Friday.  I have pieces missing from the toolbox.  We can’t get started until those pieces come together over the next two days.

The editor’s meeting went very well yesterday.  Everyone is feeling really good about the project and the footage we have to work with.  We broke the script down into After Effects compositions and I even added yet more incredibly talented people to the team.  There’s a shoot scheduled at Dacian for Thursday night and two big concerns just kind of resolved themselves.  Sara McCudden, a renown production designer in film circles and Brenda Schenner, an equally esteemed costume designer sort of just hired themselves onto the project.  They like what we’re doing and they want to be a part of it.  All of a sudden my props, sets, and wardrobe concerns are resolved in an instant.

The whole project has kind of gone like that.  Every problem has found its own solution.  It’s not like I’m just sitting back doing nothing, having it all drop in my lap.  I’ve been putting in some long hours lately and I’ve been keeping an open mind to every opportunity.  That’s why I’m not too concerned about next Friday’s deadline (Mar 26).  I expect some things will simply fall into place, just as I expect other things to suddenly flare up and catch fire.  Things have their own way about them.  You can’t ever use force to make those things move where you want them to.  Patience, mindfulness, humility, and a good sense of humour tend to work much better.

I finished the assembly cut of the demo last night at 12:30am.  It came in at just over 11 minutes.  The bones are there, next comes the meat and soon after, the skin.

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