Home Stretch

Two great meetings under my belt!  Toronto’s mission is now accomplished.

I had lunch on Monday with Bruce from CBC.  I brought him back some tuica and suggested that if he found any flaws in the demo when it came time for him to view it, he perhaps should have a few sips, then watch again.  He liked the footage I showed him from Transylvania and loves the idea of Rich Terfry being our host.  There are some great opportunities for CBC to cross pollinate the promotion of the series between its various radio and television entities.  The other good thing is CBC radio listeners tend to be fiercely loyal to its hosts, and with Rich being the host of CBC Radio 2 Drive, we should be able to bring that audience over.  Bruce also like the Alternate Reality Game idea to launch the series.  Overall, it was a great lunch and he’s as excited as anyone to see the demo.

I had supper on Tuesday with Lee from Canamedia.  We talked about our various projects and he’s also happy with the latest developments for Crimes of the Art.  There’s interest from a US broadcaster and he also thinks this will be a good fit for a UK broadcaster he has in mind.  This will be especially so if we can pitch this as a 3D series.  We’re also going to rejig the strategy for a couple of our other projects.

I’ve been away for an awful long time and I’m looking forward to heading home.  It’s always nice to travel, but all good things require balance.  I’m keen to get started on the demo.  I’m looking forward to my morning routines at Atlantis.  I’m excited to see friends and loved ones again.  I miss my apartment.

I’m writing this from a plane bound for Regina.  My life back home feels like a distant memory.  I’ll see you soon in the place that rhymes with fun!

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