Thirty-one Hours Later

It’s Saturday morning and Friday morning was 31 hours ago.

The flight(s) back to Toronto were relatively uneventful and I couldn’t have been happier.  Given the epic drama involved getting to Bucharest, I just wasn’t in the mood for more shenanigans on the return trip.

Sharon picked me up from the airport at 8pm and from there we met an actor friend of hers for dinner in downtown Toronto.  It was her friend’s birthday and I figured staying up after an 18 hour flight would be a good way to acclimatize myself to the time zone… even if it meant being a zombie during dinner.  I had a good time, and made a new facebook friend with Sharon’s friend in the process.  We can creep on each other’s profiles and not ever have to talk to each other.  It’s a sweet arrangement.

Sharon and I have known each other for seventeen years.  She was dating my roommate back in our university days, and we got to know each other pretty good because she was over a lot.  A few months later she went back home to Toronto and I got on with my life.

She reemerged suddenly about four years ago when I decided to take a university class.  She was back in Regina working on a theatre degree.  We’ve been close ever since.

After being on the road for so long, it’s felt great to wake up in a friend’s home.

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