I didn’t sleep at all Monday night.  Too excited.  The government released it’s long awaited feasibility study for the stadium project in downtown Regina.  I spent hours pouring over a big chunk of the 200 page document.  The stadium is impressive, and I believe it will transform our city’s prospects in terms of really great concerts, sports, and cultural events.

Having said that, I am even more impressed by the way this project will tie the warehouse district to the downtown.  Bushwakers to O’Hanlon’s in 7 minutes!  Dewdney Avenue will be reconfigured.  Green space and park space will be created.  New condo developments will be going up.  Impressive new pedestrian linkages over the rail lines will not only be made practical, but also a destination in themselves.  This thing needs to be built!

So naturally, I didn’t fall asleep until the sun was up, and didn’t wake up until late afternoon.  Kind of a waste, but at the same time, I am floating somewhere between Bucharest and Regina time.  That said, I made myself some coffee, had a shower, and soon found myself sitting inside an Irish pub in the Old Centre going through footage from the weekend shoot.

At 6pm I met Ioana in Piata Romana and we went to the Embassy Cafe to hang out.  Ioana, being an architecture student, was keenly interested in the stadium project.  A project of that scale is almost beyond her imagination.  I promised to send her the feasibility study, which for her, might be an architect’s wet dream.  Everything is in there, from the overall design mock-ups to the number of toilets required for the stadium.  I think the biggest thing she ever designed was a three story hotel – three more stories than I could ever muster.

At 11:30pm we parted ways and I forced myself to get some sleep.  I promised a script to someone by Wednesday, and I had some work to do.

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