Bran Castle

The shoot with Laura went great.  After covering three locations in Brasov with two cameras (and one metaphor) we packed up, and called it a day.  Our night was spent wandering, suppering, and shopping around Piata Sfatului.

Yesterday we set out for Bran Castle, located in a village by the same name (shocking coincidence).  Getting there was a bit of an adventure.  Our directions were foggy (mostly because I forgot to look at a map).  So we wound up circling Brasov for about 45 minutes before finally getting on track.

We stopped for lunch in a traditional Romanian Restaurant in Bran.  I had wolf sausage (not sure if it was made from wolves).  The service was also traditionally Romanian, in that our server left work, forgetting he had a table.  We sat there almost an hour, going through footage before wondering if the cook was having problems rounding up a wolf.  Our meal was delicious once it finally did arrive.  A half hour later we were walking into Bran Castle, equipment in tow.

Bran Castle is a castle that Vlad the Impaler lived in while staging attacks on the Saxons in Brasov.  Entertainment options were limited in those days so it was either impale Saxons or do pizza.  It has also become known as ‘Dracula’s Castle’.

It took a little longer to shoot inside the castle because there were a lot of tourists whom we had to be mindful of.  Still, I’m happy with the footage and it will match nicely juxtaposed next to shots from the actual film.

The drive home was great.  I wasn’t in as big a hurry because I didn’t have several hours of shooting ahead of me.  I also don’t have the nagging feeling that I’m missing something.  I got most of what I came for, and found a few things I wasn’t expecting.  When I combine this footage with Toronto’s shoot on Sunday, combined with any studio stuff I do back in Regina, combined with any magic we come up with in the edit suite, we should have something pretty remarkable.

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