Far Away From Here

Life is a journey.  And now this journey has become a journey.

I should be somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean right now, but instead I’m sitting in a hotel room in Montreal.  My flight out of Toronto showed great promise.  Baggage stowed.  Passengers seated.  Plane all gassed up.  One small thing though.  No driver.

The pilots were coming in on a different flight and were caught up in bad weather.  Our plane didn’t leave the gate until about 20 minutes after my connecting flight left Montreal for Paris.  So… we’re gonna try this thing again tomorrow night.

I’m not disheartened.  Spending a day in Montreal ain’t nothing to sneeze at.  I intend to sleep late tomorrow morning, then I’ll take a cab downtown and hang out for a bit.  New Years 2007 with Nadia was the last time I stayed in Montreal.  Two days went by before I even saw the sun.  THAT was a party(s).  My flight doesn’t leave until 8pm tomorrow.

The day started off alright.  I woke up in my own bed.  Courtney came over with coffee and a muffin.  She even picked up some clamato juice for me while I packed.  I plan to introduce Laura and Company to such Canadian staples as ‘The Caesar’ and the ‘Beer & Clam’ when I arrive in Bucharest.  They don’t have clamato juice in Romania, hence Court’s secret mission.

Later, in Toronto, I met two women in the bar, and wouldn’t you know it, they were both aspiring writers.  I sang the praises of Robert McKee for as long as they could stand it.  Perl just retired from the military after 23 years of service and has seven chapters of a novel put together, based on her experiences.  Shawna writes medical reports.  She’s looking for a little more excitement in her work.  Two hours went by in a blink.

Now I’m here, journalling about my journey thus far, and San Diego seems so far away right now.

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