I’m on the UCSD campus, sitting at a table, away from the rain in the Faculty of Visual Arts.  In a half hour I’ll be able to hit the Geisel Library and do some research for Crimes of the Art.  It seems I will get some work done on this trip after-all.  Last night as Jazzy was watching TV, I was able to sneak back onto my computer and do some digging.  I came across a book that looks to have all the information I need to write the Dracula treatment (and demo script).  I’m hoping to be able to spend a few hours with it today.  I know that it’s also at the U of R Library, and I think I’ll get someone to check it out for me.  In fact, I’ll give Shy a call right now.

[some time passes]

Ok.  So I realized that SKYPE isn’t an option because, thanks to modern technology, I don’t bother memorizing ppl’s cell numbers anymore.  I just enter their name and hit ‘store’.  Fortunately, a facebook message works just as well.  Shy has exactly 12 hours to return my plea for help.

[more time passes]

I’m sitting in the Geisel Library on the UCSD campus and both of their copies of the book have been checked out.  I shall now attempt to research other books on the subject using a different resource.  I have exactly 90 minutes to do something productive.  The clock is ticking.  Shy hasn’t messaged me.  The rain subsided.  The coffee is dripping.  The keyboard is tapping.

The drama is milking…

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