I’m sitting in the Calgary International Airport and I have three hours to go before my flight to the US even boards.  I almost didn’t even make it this far.  At 9:31 last night Air Canada cancelled the 8am flight from Regina to Calgary.  I spent the next hour and a half making alternate flight arrangements so I could salvage the trip.  It’s kind of a big deal because later today, I’ll be meeting PJ and surprising Jazzy at the airport in San Diego.  I can’t wait to see the surprised look on my little girl’s eyes.

Officially, I’m meeting PJ and Ken Eklund in San Diego to discuss our next moves for the Mothers Day Game.  She’ll also be attending an academic conference on children and gaming as part of her Ph D research at UBC.  Unofficially, we’re taking advantage of a window that allows the three of us (PJ, Jazzy & I) to have a mini-family vacation together.

I realize the phrase ‘family vacation’ may seem strange, given that PJ and I are no longer married, but we have Jazzy, and that means we’re still a family to some degree.  There isn’t a manual for how to be a family, post marriage, but we’re figuring it out as we go.  It also looks like there’s a good chance PJ could wind up back in Regina teaching at the U of R when she completes her degree.  She hates the weather, but she also believes that having more family around would be good for Jazzy.  I’m really, really pleased to hear those words from PJ’s mouth.  Being a regular part of Jazzy’s life as she grows up is important to me, and it’s a hard thing to do when she’s living in Vancouver.  Sunshine and smiles await.

I spent yesterday frantically tying up loose office strings.  I did 2009’s T4s, completed a GST return, updated the books, revised cash flow projections, made arrangements with CRA about some tax credit stuff, put my equipment package together for Romania, and did some banking.  I don’t really enjoy doing that stuff, but I think of it as a means to an end.  Without the business stuff, the money stuff won’t flow, and the creative stuff can’t get paid for.  Fortunately, it doesn’t take too much of an effort to keep the business stuff on track.

I also had coffee with Courtney yesterday.  I hadn’t seen her since December.  It was really great talking to her again.  She’s doing well, much better than a couple of months ago, and she said to say ‘hi’.

Hmm… It’s 10:24am (Regina time) and I’ve been up for five hours already.  Time for a morning stroll.

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