I spent the last twenty minutes polishing the first two paragraphs I wrote for today’s blog.  Then I deleted them.  A simple keystroke and not even a hint of regret.  They simply weren’t that interesting to me, and no amount of editing was going to make them more interestingier.

You know what the problem was?  C’mon.  Guess.

Alright fine.  The problem was with title of the article.  I came up with a title before I even wrote the article.  That shit never works.  I’m at my best when I just start putting words together and then sentences form.  Pretty soon I’m riffing on an idea and then I hit the ‘publish’ button.  Some people meditate.  I write upon a stream of semi-polished consciousness.  The title is usually the last thing I write.

Having said that, I’ve decided to keep the title I had as an homage to the blog the almost was.

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  I’m in the process of stewing ideas for the look and feel of the art crime series.  I have six days to come up with something that resembles a script, and I don’t even know what the story is yet.  I met with Amy, a hip hop dancer and student filmmaker who came into my sphere through a number of spooky coincidences.  We’re going to shoot some tests tomorrow in some stolen space at the University then head to the edit suite to explore possibilities with the footage.  I also met with Chrystene who’s going to be my Production Designer.  Chrystene is simply amazing and the series became a kazillion times more betterer with her name on the roster.  They say the secret to being good at what you do, is to surround yourself with really great people.  Just ask Mick Fleetwood.

Interesting observation: when it appeared in that last paragraph that I misspelled ‘kazillion’, the alternative suggestion in the spell checker was ‘bazillion’.  I like kazillion better.  It feels more ‘me’ somehow.

Well… time to start my day.  Shy’s coming over for supper tonight and we’re going to take in a ‘Firefly’ marathon.  I got shit to do before she appears.

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