I can’t wait for the next time someone tries to stab me, cuz then I’ll know how to handle myself.  I used to think Tai Chi was all about chilling out, but actually, it’s about self defense…. or something.  I’m really enjoying my Tai Chi class, and I can see a subtle difference in the mirror when I move.  Things just seem to make sense, movement wise.  I suspect my other classes are having an influence on me too.

I remain anything but the picture of grace riding in upon a feather blown gently by the lips of the wind.  Rather, it’s something closer to falling off the back of a 1976 chevy half ton on the side of a highway and rolling ass over tea kettle to the ditch, and landing on my feet.  I’ll take that for now.

I also added one more time zone worth of importance to my life.  I was in the office today talking to CBC in Toronto about an email I received from a CTF analyst in Halifax.  Business things for Crimes of the Art are progressing.  I even made a point of getting warm and fuzzy with previously mentioned CTF analyst.  It’s always nice to have a human connection with individuals who work inside large bureaucratic organizations.  Information tends to move better in both directions when that happens.  It also fits neatly into the category of ‘not being an asshole’.

I have more business stuff to do tomorrow.  After that, I’m hoping to dive into an undiluted Crimes of the Art bath of creativity.  I hear it’s good for the joints.

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