Just A Gigolo

Fueled up on celebratory beer and pizza, and freshly failed from a mid-game pool shot, I heard the DJ call my name.  Shortly thereafter, I passed the pool cue to Jeff and took my place behind the microphone.  The music started, and soon I was belting out ‘Just a Gigolo’ with all my heart.

It was a bit disconcerting at first to discover that Karaoke had invaded our sports bar vibrations, especially when it seemed that 1980’s love songs were going to be the only meal on the menu.  It was either time to leave, or fix the situation by contributing something more palatable to the evening.  Benji stole the show with ‘Whip It’.

I did indeed win 15 bucks last night, but I just threw it into the pool to pay for all the beer and pizza.  It’s our tradition that the league winner pays for all the losers with his winnings at the year end wind-up.  When I won our hockey pool last year, I actually wound up in the hole after all the smoke cleared.  I didn’t want to leave Rich with the same problem.  It was a really really good night.

I’m at mom’s right now doing laundry and waiting for supper to cook.  Grama, Papa, Uncle Doug and Auntie Ann are also here.  We’re celebrating mine, Dave’s and Doug’s birthdays.  I guess this means I won’t have to do dishes afterwards.

Earlier today I was at the university, finishing the scripts for Moccasin Enterprises.  My plan tomorrow is to polish them and submit them on Monday.  One more beginning will come to a completion and I plan to celebrate by doing the books.

I may even have a beer within reach and a song in my heart while I work.

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