Snow Day

Regina was dumped on.  About 16 feet of snow fell overnight and driving was an adventure as a result.  I got stuck in Shauna’s driveway yesterday picking her up for dinner, and I got stuck in her driveway at the end of the evening, dropping her off.

Shauna is great because her miserable days make my bad days feel comparatively like an opium binge (a reference to the infamous high, not the ruin your life and die part).  She’s on her way up from an incredible low in her life, and she’s having more good days than bad now.

She has a razor sharp mind, and she uses it to slice up douche bags for her own amusement.  She has a great sense of humour, she’s got legs that would have poets musing through pages of verse, and she could melt ice with her hotness.  Just ask her.

I first met her at a Halloween party a little over a year ago.  Last night was the second time I ever found myself in her presence.  If I could say one thing about Shauna, it’s her ability to ride a conversation like a champ.  Her secret mind powers, wit, and bold honesty make her truly memorable.

It’s now Monday, just before midnight, and I’ve done sweet fuck all, all day long.  I was a facebook trooper most of the day, and judging from all the status updates, I wasn’t the only one.  It seems ‘snow day’ is code for stay home, turn up the heat, and keep the world outside your window pane.

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