We have Dracula.  We have Nazis looking for the Holy Grail.  We have cars exploding, speed boat getaways, tomb raiders and undercover FBI agents crisscrossing the globe.  We have honeymoon capers, bold museum heists and 300 million dollar payoffs.  We have Kurdish terrorists and IRA assassinations.

Welcome to our thrilling new 7 x 60 documentary series, ‘Crimes of the Art,’ a crime series dedicated solely to art crimes.  Anyone care to watch?

Yesterday at Atlantis, Liz, Michael and I picked the seven stories that will be profiled in the series.  I am excited beyond my wildest dreams with the stories we turned up.  Many of these could easily be Hollywood blockbusters… except we have them, and they’re all true stories.

In the meantime I find myself sitting in the food court of the University, tapping away at my keyboard and proroguing my procrastination so that I may continue writing another TV series.  I recall that I was hoping to be some other me right now, writing about how I finished that series, and how satisfied I think I was planning to be and all…  I guess I’ll have to prorogue that notion as well.

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