Roam Brainian Thinking

Wow.  It’s Friday.  Where did the week go?

I have a full weekend of writing ahead of me and I have Romania on the brain.  I have to complete development on Crimes of the Art by March 17, and that means I need to be shooting something in Bucharest by Feb 24.  There’s not a lot of time to pack everything in.  The good news is, plane tickets are about $1,000 less than they were last time I took the flight. I also hired Laura as a coordinator to help line things up once I land.

I also received some good news yesterday.  Canamedia sent me an email saying they might have a US sale lined up for InJustice and this same broadcaster also asked about Crimes of the Art.  I won’t get too excited until the check is in the bank because, as with any project, a million things can go wrong between an expression of interest and spending the money you get for the sale.

I’m trying to coordinate a trip to Toronto soon as well.  I need to talk to CBC about creative ideas for Crimes of the Art, and I also want to hang out with Canamedia to talk to them about our 2010 projects.  With a little luck, I may also get in a meeting with Corus about the Mothers Day Game.

I guess I’m keeping things brief today… I have a weekend full of writing ahead of me.  Cheers!

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