Bran Regular

After nine months, Neil has finally granted me regular status at Atlantis.  I didn’t say a word this morning and he was already fetching me an apple bran muffin and pouring a dark roast.  Ironically, I didn’t even want a muffin this morning, but I wasn’t about to fuck up my ‘regular’ status on the very  first day.

I’m meeting with Chantel for lunch at Bushwakers.  I always look forward to seeing her.  She’s going to be looking over some CTF stuff that we’ve been tag teaming on.  It’s about ready to go, I just need to swear at a Commissioner of Oaths before sending it out.

Today is also the day we select our seven stories for Crimes of the Art.  From this day forward, the researchers will be going deep, giving me the gunk I need to turn these research documents into bona fide episode treatments.  The timing with Moccasin Enterprises works out pretty good because by the time I’m done with that series, Crimes of the Art will be ready for my attention.

I still want to get in a trip into Toronto ASAP.  I want to meet with CBC, follow up on the Mother’s Day Game, meet with Canamedia, and pitch a couple of other projects to broadcasters.  I’m waiting for a check to show up before purchasing the ticket though.  Cash flow is king and staying liquid lets things flow.  Sorry, cash flow/taoist pun there.

Speaking of flow, I have my second Tai Chi class today… and a bran muffin to finish.  I’d best get started on my day.

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