Method Writing

This morning in Atlantis I decided to change up my routine a bit.  I asked for a cheeseburger and a chocolate milkshake.  Neil just stood behind the counter, blinking, before saying,

“How about a dark roast and an apple bran muffin instead?”

I’m on track to have all six scripts done by the weekend.  It wasn’t that hard after realizing I was just being an ass.  Sometimes a writer just has to write, even when the words don’t want to come out.  You start by writing down a word or two, maybe even a phrase… and the phrase doesn’t even have to fit anywhere.  The only thing that matters is getting words down on the page.  In a minute or so you’ll have two sentences down, and before you know it, there’s three sentences on the page.  Then the editing kicks in and more words come out and BAM!  You’re writing.

Well… that’s how YOU should do it.  Me?  I prefer to just wave my hand over the page and have the completed document come out.  The method has some flaws (in that it never works), but other than that, the theory is sound.  I’d like to write a book about the method some day, and I’ll even publish it, just as soon as that morning comes when I wake up to find it waiting for me under my pillow.

In the meantime, I got started on some ideas for my next play.  They’re not written down or anything.  I have them swirling around inside my head for the time being.  Have you ever seen someone make candy floss?  It’s the same with my ideas.  If I let them out of my head too soon, they don’t pick up enough gunk to stick to the wall.

There’s no rush.  When the time comes I’ll let it all out.  It won’t even take very long.  I wrote my first play in three weeks… two or three scenes a day.  I expect this one will move at the same pace.  I even have a title picked out already, ‘Really Really Crude Morally Bankrupt Artistically Devoid But Not Pornographic Crappy Play’.  It will be a sequel to the first one.

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