Hurricane Ali

Ali is a hurricane force of will.  I first met her about 8 years ago when she was an actress in a TV commercial I was producing.  She made a strong impression on me.

Then time moved on and about three years later she showed up once again in my office looking to tape an audition of herself for a feature film.  We went out for coffee afterwards and wound up rehearsing a scene together for another upcoming audition.  We exchanged phone numbers and went our separate ways.

About a year and a half ago I was purging old contacts from my cell phone.  Ali lives in Vancouver and I hadn’t talked to her since that one night.  Six hours after deleting her, the phone rang.  It was Ali.  Since then we’ve been good friends and colleagues.

Yesterday I picked her up from her parents house and we went for breakfast at K’s Family Kitchen.  Ali and I did a lot of breakfasting there last winter when she was in town developing a documentary series idea with me.  We were keen to continue the tradition.

Between bites, Ali fretted about ‘wasting her 20’s’ and vowed to pack as much into her 29th year as possible.  I was kind of shocked to hear that because Ali has more projects on the go than she has hours in the day.  She has an epic work ethic and an iron force of will.  She’s travelled around the world and she’s schmoozed every VIP in our industry.  I really believe good things will come to her if she would just learn patience, and maybe catch a lucky break.

About 5 hours later I found myself pointing my car in Moose Jaw’s direction on the highway.  Ali was in the back seat next to Jazzy and her sister, Heidi, was sitting next to me.  Heidi is a journalist who’s been published in McLean’s Magazine and the National Post among others.

Like Ali before her, Heidi was fretting about wasting her 30’s.  She’s spending this year taking a shot at free lancing glory, hoping to pack the final year of her 3rd decade with enough powder to make a loud ‘BANG’ when 40 hits.

I started laughing.  I imagined myself having a conversation with Jazzy when she turned 10.  “I really feel like I wasted my 1’s Dad.  I could have been more child like and care free instead of sitting on your lap when I was five, mastering sarcasm.”

I dropped the girls off at the Spa while Jazzy and I had supper at Grama’s.  After a game of crib I left Jazzy behind to spend the night and met the girl’s at Houston Pizza.

Afterwards Heidi and I wound up at La Bodega talking until 2:30am.  She has me seriously thinking about getting myself published in magazines (in addition to everything else I’m doing).  She’s going to show me the ropes and who knows… maybe you’ll find me on a news stand someday.

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