I felt an emergency need to create a lasting memory with Jazz yesterday afternoon.  She really misses PJ and was feeling kind of down.  We’ve been going to movies and hanging out with family, but I felt like we needed to do something even just a little bit more special.

Three hours later I found myself behind the wheel of a Gator pulling Jazz and her two best friends on a sled through the snow on my family’s farm, about 90 minutes out of Regina.  Pretty soon Jazzy, Faith, & Kayla were all taking turns behind the wheel.  We spent a couple of hours outside, laughing and playing hard.  Jazz said it was the most fun she’s had this entire trip.  Shyanne took pictures, and I’ll post them soon.

The really cool thing is that I just showed up at the farm with three kids, and didn’t even bother calling ahead.  The door’s always open and it’s always been a really special place for me.  When an emergency memory is called for, there’s no better place to be.

We spent the night, and now we might be here a while longer than we planned.  A foot of snow fell last night and it’s still snowing.  The highway is closed from Belle Plaine to Regina.  I guess I’ll be firing up the Gator again and take advantage of the delay.

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